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  • Senior Product Designer with 12 years of hands-on experience developing products and managing projects to bring cutting-edge designs from concept through to production in multiple industries.
  • Proven track record in the development of innovative product designs. Successful at taking on hard-to-solve problems and delivering solid results. Demonstrated project manager; able to transform customer's needs into viable products and bring them quickly to market.


  • Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering from the University of Michigan, 1988
  • United States Marine Corps, Officer Basic School, 1989


  • Design Creativity/Innovation
  • Strong Project Management History
  • Diverse Design and Manufacturing Background
  • Tightly Toleranced and Detailed Designs
  • Unique Mechanical Devices
  • Strict Government Testing
  • AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Inventor, CosmoWorks
  • Expert in Materials and Material Processing
  • Expert in Rapid Prototyping, Stamping, Fine Blanking, Injection Moulding, Grinding, CNC Machining, MIM, Die Casting, Vacuum Forming, Laser


Developing custom designed products and inventions for Military, Law Enforcement and Commercial product industries.

Providing engineering, drafting and fixture developement services to small companies and machine shops.

  • Invented an award winning lock mechanism that eliminates 66% of the components in a standard folding knife.
  • Designed multiple products currently in production with others slated for 2011 release.
  • Ongoing design collaborations in Military and Law Enforcement applications including new patentable picatinny rail-mountable devices and equipment.
  • Multiple designs involving small mechanical locking and actuating devices.
  • 2 Patents pending.


Senior Product Designer

  • Designed and developed multiple highly precise product lines to meet Government FDA and CE standards.
  • Created an ergonomic button mechanism for air and water which reduces finger actuation force by 50% and allows full metered fluid control which had previously difficult to provide.
  • Invented a miniature device that was able to solve a fifty year old problem plaguing dentists.
  • Developed a disposable cartridge system for air/water syringes, saving dentists hundreds in repair costs.
  • 2 Patents Issued 7 Pending (Design and Utility).


Senior Product Designer (2001 – 2006)

Worked in teams and independently to develop, design and test products for Military, Civilian and Law Enforcement applications including complex ruggedized assemblies capable of meeting tough government standards.
  • Managed multiple product platforms simultaneously while achieving all goals and beating deadlines.
  • Invented a self-actuating safety mechanism able to prevent previously commonplace user injuries.
  • Designed a mechanical component locking system which reduced actuation force by 60%, reduced cost by 50%, increased component strength by 200% and improved overall product quality.
  • 26 Patents issued and 9 pending (Design and Utility).


Senior Manufacturing Engineer (1998 – 2001)

  • Introduced Lean Manufacturing tools into the assembly department reducing work-in-progress and guaranteeing first-in first-out, eliminating 90% of issues causing misassembled products.
  • Converted an 8000FT2 assembly area from multiple unique build layouts to one modular layout enabling quick changeovers between product lines in a matter of minutes instead of hours.
  • Developed and built 20+ fixtures, gages, assembly devices and other ergonomic improvements; significantly decreasing ergonomic concerns while increasing productivity and overall worker morale.

WARN INDUSTRIES (1997 - 1998)

Manufacturing Engineer

  • Trained and oversaw a team implementing Lean Manufacturing initiatives resulting in lower work-in-progress (WIP), lower defect rates, improved ergonomics and increased productivity.
  • Served as the company trainer for the Lean Manufacturing (TPS) "Mistake Proofing" class ensuring teams were able to identify quality issues as they occurred, enabling them to take immediate corrective action.
  • Managed multiple projects designing, building and implementing machine and process modifications with significant increases in productivity/performance.

FORD MOTOR COMPANY (Consulting) (1994 - 1997)

Product Design

  • Developed and prototyped the first-ever "white glove" oil change. The proven concept enables drivers to change a vehicle's oil and filter in under two minutes without the need of tools.
  • Pedestrian Safety (Research & Development): Managed an engineering team in the development of bumper technologies to reduce injuries to pedestrians during an impact with a moving vehicle; took them to full Government rated crash testing proving which configurations were most favourable to pedestrians.
  • Front End Modules for Vehicles: Lead a diverse project team to develop modular vehicle front ends for Ford vehicles. Successfully proved out concept through prototyping and CAE Crash testing on the Ford Contour. Concept brought to first-ever introduction on the 2001 Ford Mondeo. The design generated over $8 Million in sales for Visteon (Ford).

(1988 - 1996)

Captain – Motor Transport & Logistics

  • Combat Action Ribbon and Navy Achievement Medal awarded for service and superior leadership in the performance of my duties as Detachment Commander and Battalion Weapons Officer during Desert Storm.
  • Successfully directed the logistical support operations (110 Marines) of 1st Medical Battalion during Desert Shield / Desert Storm spread out across 300 miles of desert.
  • Commended for performance as the Executive Officer and Director of Training for the United States Marine Corps Motor Transport School.
  • As Logistics Officer for 7th Motor Transport Battalion led the rapid but successful relocation operations to a new $12.3 million facility.
  • Developed and directed multiple large-scale logistics operations for 1st Battalion, 24th Marines with zero missed movements or logistics delays.