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Designs for Leatherman


4.5 Inch Multi-Tool Platform

As a team, we went back to the drawing board and came up with the entire platform from the ground up. I was able to develope the safety-interlock for the jaw and knife blade to prevent accidental opening. Additionally I developed the component locking system on each handle.


Prior to this knife, lockback knives typcially had some sort of spring in the cental cavity acting on the locking bar. By moving the spring and incorporating it into the handle frame, I was able to free up a lot of real estate and add in a snap-gate carbiner where the spring would normally be without making the knife any wider. Visual styling was by Hull Consulting.


I designed this knife with the same features, but was able to gain the benefit of reusing the handle mold by creating interchangable bolsters for each knife; plastic for the h502 and stainless steel for the k502x. Visual styling was by Hull Consulting.

Hybrid Gardening Multi-Tool

The Hybrid was my first gardening multi-tool, aimed at the avid home gardener. I had put so many implements into it that I actually had to remove a couple to keep the focus on the most important tasks people do around their yards. It must have been the right mix because it was recommended by the National Home Gardening Club. Visual styling was by Hull Consulting.

Vista Game Shears

The Vista is obviously built off of the Hybrid platform. This was a simple redesign once the component selection was replaced with new more hunting oriented features like the Awl (starting holes in trees), new knife blade and a combination choke tool/screw driver and bottle opener (you always have to have a bottle opener). Visual styling was by Hull Consulting.

Genus Landscaper's Multi-Tool

With lessons learned from the Hybrid, the Genus is more focused on the number one concern with professionals....Grip. If the Genus did not work as well as the leading professional pruners, then it would not matter a bit how many implements it had. The result was a blend of the best features that were available. Initial Concept: Glenn Klecker. Final Design: Hollan Tsuda.

Skeletool CX

The Skeletool or "SK03" was a concept I developed to create a bridge between the avid knife fan and the die-hard tool carrier. I did the initial development work in 2003-2005 and John Nendadic took over and developed the design seen here that won the Blade Award.

Skeletool CX (Continued)

A page from the original patent application for the Skeletool.

Skeletool CX (Continued)

I was watching Fringe on and was surprised to see the skeletool in action.

Component Development

This is a collection of some of the component work that I did including, knife blade safety interlock, scissors, saws, component locks, caribiners and others.